Seattle University launches Advanced Trial Advocacy Institute

Marilyn Berger and I have developed and chair this week-long (June 2-6, 2014) Advanced Trial Advocacy Institute. The Institute offers a proven conceptual approach to trial practice combined with premier trial principles and strategies for every phase of trial from preparation through closing argument. During the course the best of the best trial lawyers and faculty will provide lectures and demonstrations of successful trial skills.

Above all, course attendees will prepare and try a case, including conducting jury selection, presenting opening statement and closing argument and examining expert and lay witnesses. Seasoned and skilled trial attorneys as well as communication specialists will provide feedback and pointers on your performances. Also, your presentations will be videoed so that you can benefit from a one-on-one video review with a faculty member.  (30.5 general CLE credits plus 1.0 ethics credits pending)
Who Should Attend
The course is designed for both fledgling practicing lawyers, who are seeking a firm foundation of the finest trial skills through experienced trial lawyers, who want to take their skills to a higher level. The course is also open to a few select law students who have completed their second year and have taken an Evidence course. Seattle University Law Students will receive two academic credits for successfully completing the course.
Topics to be Addressed Include:
·         Developing Case Theories, Themes and Trial Strategies
·         Courtroom Communication Techniques
·         Trial Preparation and Planning
·         Effective Jury Selection
·         Convincing Opening Statement
·         Conducting a Compelling Direct Examination
·         Presenting and Attacking Expert Testimony
·         Creating Dynamic Trial Visuals
·         Today’s Courtroom Technology
·         Trial Ethics and Avoiding Pitfalls
·         Impeachment and Concession Cross-Examination
·         Persuasive Closing Argument
Sponsors and Scholarships
The American College of Trial Lawyers sponsors the Seattle University Advanced Trial Advocacy Institute.  Additionally, the American College of Trial Lawyers is providing four scholarships for public or public interest advocates.  To receive additional information regarding applying for one of the four scholarships please email your CV along with a request for more information to: