Message from Professor Ronald Carlson

Ronald L. Carlson, Fuller E. Callaway Professor Emeritus, University of Georgia School of Law, is one of America’s preeminent evidence scholars. He recently e-mailed us about Cross-Examination Handbook. His email comments, which he said we could share, read as follows:

“I just sent in the copy for my part of our Evidence course book with Lexis; Carlson, Imwinkelried, Seaman and Beecher-Monas, Evidence: Teaching Materials for An Age of Science and Statutes (Lexis 2012). I am in charge of the impeachment and witness examination chapters. In drafting those, I prominently cited the material on page 163 of Cross-Examination Handbook, the section entitled “Pitting Witness Against Witness.” Cross-Examination Handbook dovetailed perfectly into my material on pages 421-23 of Carlson, Imwinkelried. I will also cite it when Ed (Imwinkelreid) and I revise Dynamics of Trial Practice for West. Cross-Examination Handbook is a fine publication. In addition to the above, the analysis of Lincoln’s classic cross-examination was profound.”

Thank you Professor Carlson for your kind comments.