Cross-Examination Handbook’s Author’s Ted Bundy Book

Our co-author Bob Dekle has just had his book, The Last Murder: The Investigation, Prosecution and Execution of Ted Bundy, published by Praeger. Bob knows first-hand about what took place because he investigated the murder, he along with State’s Attorney Jerry Blair prosecuted Bundy for it and he attended Bundy’s execution.

On February 8, 1978 in Lake City, Florida, 12-year old Kimberly Diane Leach disappeared. Bob was on the task force investigating the disappearance that led to the discovery of Kimberly’s body and he continued in the investigation that resulted in the State’s Attorney’s office charging Bundy. Bob’s account of that investigation, the trial and the execution is suspenseful and spellbinding. Bob is a masterful storyteller. His Southern wit and grace enrich the narrative. But, we already knew these things.