New Third Edition of Trial Advocacy: Planning, Analysis, and Strategy and Second Edition of Trial Advocacy: Assignments and Case Files

Early this summer, Wolters Kluwer (Aspen) will release the new editions of Trial Advocacy:Planning, Analysis, and Strategy and companion book Trial Advocacy: Assignments and Case Files by Berger, Mitchell and Clark

A leader in the field, TRIAL ADVOCACY 3rd Edition offers:

 Accompanying DVD that features a jury trial demonstration movie with demonstrations by veteran trial lawyers
 Companion website www.aspenadvocacybooks is regularly updated and provides articles, supplemental materials, downloads, and links to additional resources
 A thorough overview of the trial process
 Balanced coverage of case theory and skills
 Practical instruction on how trial lawyers think and act
 How trial advocates use state-of-the-art technology
Trial persuasion strategies and techniques
Ethical and legal boundaries of trial advocacy

NEW to the Third Edition, which has been thoroughly updated:

How to satisfy the judge’s expectations of counsel
 Practical checklists added to each chapter
 Comprehensive coverage of evidentiary foundations and the visual trial
 Guarding against juror online research misconduct
Interlinking the trial demonstration movie with the textBench trial advocacy

Summary of Contents
Chapter One: An Introduction: The Books, CDs, DVD and Website
Chapter Two: Trial Persuasion Principles
Chapter Three: Case Theory and Theme Development
Chapter Four: Jury Selection: Two-Way Exchange
Chapter Five: Opening Statement: Storytelling
Chapter Six: Making and Meeting Objections
Chapter Seven: Introducing Exhibits
Chapter Eight: The Visual Trial and Today’s Technology
Chapter Nine: Direct-Examination: Building the Case
Chapter Ten: Cross-Examination: Concession Seeking
Chapter Eleven: Experts: Yours and Theirs
Chapter Twelve: Jury Instructions: The Jury’s Law
Chapter Thirteen: Closing Argument: Art of Argument

The next post will cover the companion book Trial Advocacy: Assignments and Case Files, which may be used for mock trials and 86 performance assignments.