Aspen has just published Cross-Examination Handbook: Persuasion, Strategies and Techniques (416 pages) by Ronald Clark, George (Bob) Dekle and William S. Bailey. The Cross-Examination Handbook shows how to take control in cross-examination. All the essential skills and strategies you need are covered. And, the Handbook provides step-by-step instruction combined with outstanding examples from illustrious cases such as the John Scopes, Enron, Senator Stevens and O. J. Simpson trials.

Cross-examination skills training assignments for two criminal and two civil cases are provided for use in law school classes and professional skills development CLE workshops.


1. Introduction to Book, CD, & Website
2. Purposes of Cross & the Total Trial Approach
3. The Content & Concession-Seeking Cross
4. Constructing the Cross: Your Chance to Testify
5. Impeachment Cross: Reliability
6. Impeachment Cross: Report
7. Impeachment Cross: Reporter
8. Character & Conduct in Trial
9. Witness Control: Strategies & Techniques
10. Preparing the Winning Cross-Examination
11. Cross-Examining Expert Witnesses
12. Forgetters, Perjurers, Adverse Witnesses, Deponents, & More
13. Ethical & Legal Boundaries of Cross
14. Cases & Assignments

CD in pocket of back cover: Case Files for two civil & two criminal cases

TEACHER’S MANUAL (100 pages) with Actors’ Guide on CD with instructions for witnesses who will be subject to cross-examinations.