A Web Site Chock-Full with Valuable Resources

Pretrial Advocacy and Trial Advocacy is a Website designed to offer valuable resources for trial advocates, law professors, and law students learning about trial advocacy.

This Advocacy Web site contains:

Trial transcripts including personal injury and the Sonics’ trial;
Juror questionnaire;
Sample trial motion;
Preview of the Freck Point Trial demonstration movie;
Links to worthwhile Web sites including trial visuals, tour of a courthouse; trial advocacy blogs and websites;
Research Web sites, such as Rules of Professional Responsibilities, E-discovery, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and much more;
Case management and preparation Web sites, and Web sites for locating people, conducting background investigations and public sleuthing, and
Descriptions of books Pretrial Advocacy: Planning, Analysis and Strategy, 2nd Edition; Trial Advocacy: Planning, Analysis & Strategy, 2nd Edition and Trial Advocacy: Assignments & Case Files as well as accompanying movies on DVDs and CDs.