I’m new to blogging, and this blog is obviously under construction. This blog is intended to discuss advocacy – pretrial, trial and appellate. Thought I’d start with the Freck Point Trial movie

Aspen Publications, Seattle University Law School Films for Justice, my co-authors and I have produced a trial demonstration movie – Freck Point Trial. The purpose of this movie is to show law students and practicing lawyers how veteran trial lawyers, like William Bailey (shown left) perform in trial. The DVD containing the movie is included with the totally new Trial Advocacy: Planning, Analysis and Strategy, 2nd Edition (2008).

The Freck Point Trial movie was inspired by several real cases, one of which is the Randy Roth case, which was the subject of renowned true crime writer Ann Rule’s book A Rose for Her Grave. Ann Rule kindly joined in the project of producing this movie and provided her observations about the importance of watching skilled trial attorneys in trial as a means of learning how to be effective in trial. Aspen is giving copies of Ann Rule’s book to law professors or trial advocacy trainers and their students when the Trial Advocacy book is adopted for the class.

If you are a trial lawyer or a trial advocacy trainer or professor who teaches trial practice, you may be interested in viewing a preview of the Freck Point Trial movie.