Wolters Kluwer (Aspen) Publications presents premier pretrial advocacy,  trial advocacy and evidence skills and strategies books and movies by Berger, Mitchell, and Clark for practitioners and law students as follows:

Pretrial Advocacy: Planning, Analysis, and Strategy, Fifth Edition

PRETRIAL ADVOCACY: Planning, Analysis, and Strategy, Fifth Edition reflects the way criminal and civil pretrial advocacy is successfully practiced in federal and state litigation. The distinguished author team offers both a conceptual and practical foundation for today’s pretrial advocates. Checklists of skills, techniques, standards and ethics appear in each chapter. 79 assignments are designed for student role-play performances.

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Trial Advocacy: Planning, Analysis, and Strategy 4th Edition

Trial Advocacy: Planning, Analysis, and Strategy 4th Edition provides the experience and approach to thinking, planning, and performing as a practicing lawyer. The book presents a wide range of practice situations and fosters the kinds of analytic processes and skills needed to perform trial work. Today’s lawyer must be fluent with technology for case organization and courtroom presentation, as well as with alternative forms of dispute resolution. The book provides these new tools while retaining the trial lawyer skills that remain very much the same as they have throughout the history of the legal profession.

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The Evidence: Skills, Strategies, and Assignments for Pretrial and Trial (with the Freck Point Case)

The Evidence: Skills, Strategies, and Assignments for Pretrial and Trial (with the Freck Point Case) presents an excellent conceptual and practical foundation for evidence skills and strategies.  The book provides models for how to think and act as a successful advocate with a firm grasp of how evidence law works in a real world practice. The skills covered include: writing and arguing motions; making a trial record;  making and meeting objections laying evidentiary foundations for testimony and utilizing the latest technological developments for managing, introducing and displaying exhibits. Checklists for each skill are included at the end of each chapter. Ethical Considerations based on ABA Model Rules appear throughout the text.

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Obtaining a password

Students purchasing Pretrial, Trial, or Evidence books for a law school class will be supplied a password and instructions as to how to access the supplemental materials by their professor.

Other purchasers: If you purchased the Pretrial, Trial, or Evidence book and aren’t part of a law school class, email Wolters Kluwer customer service at legaledu@wolterskluwer.com to obtain a password.

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